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A complete list of common code and Colorado statutes.

Colorado Statute 42-4-1101 Speed Limits


Common Code 004: 5 to 9 mph over the reasonable and prudent speed limit


Common Code 005: 10-19 mph over the reasonable and prudent speed limit


Common Code 006: 20-24 mph over the reasonable and prudent speed limit



Colorado Statute 42-4-1301 Driving under the influence - driving while impaired - driving with excessive alcoholic content







Colorado Statute 42-4-239 Misuse of a wireless telephone


Common Code 585: 18 and older text messaging 1st offense


Common Code 586: 18 and older text messaging 2nd offense



Colorado Statute 42-4-1412 Operation of bicycles, electric scooters, and other human powered vehicles


Common Code 927: Speeding on bicycle


Common Code 924: Bicycle obedience to traffic control devices


Common Code 928: Bicycle emerging from alley or driveway



Colorado Statute 42-4-801 Pedestrian obedience to traffic control devices and traffic regulations


Common Code 401: Pedestrian disregarded traffic control device



Colorado Statute 42-4-802 Pedestrians' right-of-way in crosswalks


Common Code 376: Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian


Common Code 377: Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian at walk signal



Colorado Statue 42-4-803 Crossing at other than crosswalks


Common Code 402: Pedestrian failed to yield right of way to vehicle



Colorado Statute 42-4-807 Drivers to exercise due care


Common Code 381: Failure to exercise due care for pedestrian



Colorado Statute 42-4-604 Traffic control signal legend


Common Code 370: Failed to yield right of way on right turn after stop at red light



Colorado Statute 42-4-701 Vehicles approaching or entering intersection


Common Code 371: driver failed to yield right of way at intersection



Colorado Statute 42-4-703 Entering through highway - stop or yield intersection


Common Code 373: Driver failed to yield right of way at stop sign


Common Code 372: Driver failed to yield right of way a yield intersection



Colorado Statute 42-4-705 Operation of vehicle approached by emergency vehicle - operation of vehicle approaching stationary emergency vehicle, stationary towing carrier vehicle, or stationary public utility service vehicle


Common Code: 375: Driver failed to yield right of way to emergency vehicle



Colorado Statute 42-4-903 Turning movements and required signals


Colorado Statute 433: Failed to signal or gave improper signal / unlawful use of flashing turn signals



Colorado Statute 42-4-608 Signals by hand or signal device


Common Code 436: Failure to use turn signals



Colorado Statute 42-4-217 Use of multiple-beam lights


Common Code 632: Failure to dim lights when following another vehicle



Colorado Statute 42-4-204 When lighted lamps are required


Common Code 204: Headlamps to be lit



Colorado Statute 42-4-1402 Careless driving


Common Code 141: Careless driving



Colorado Statute 42-4-1401 Reckless driving


Common Code 140: Reckless Driving



Colorado Statute 42-4-1007 Driving on roadways laned for traffic


Common Code: 221: Changed lanes when unsafe



Colorado Statue 42-4-1008 Following too closely


Common Code 142: Following too closely



Colorado Statute 42-4-901 Required position and method of turning


Common Code 276: Failed to turn from “turn only” lane



Colorado Statute 42-4-1003 Overtaking a vehicle on the left


Common Code 192: Improper passing (overtaking vehicle on left)



Colorado Statute 42-4-702 Vehicle turning left


Common Code 278: Turned left in front of approaching traffic



Colorado Statute 42-4-902 Limitations on turning around


Common Code 270: Made “U” turn where prohibited



Colorado Statute 42-4-202 Unsafe vehicles - penalty - identification plates


Common Code 542: Drove a defective or unsafe vehicle



Colorado Statute 42-4-106 Who may restrict right to use highways


Common Code 562: Failed to comply with tire chains or snow tires



Colorado Statute 42-4-503 Projecting loads on passenger vehicles


Common Code 516: Load projected more than 6” on right side of passenger vehicle



Colorado Statue 42-4-109 Low-power scooters, animals, skis, skates, and toy vehicles on highways


Common Code 901: Skis, sled or similar devices on highway



Colorado Statute 42-4-1205 Parking at curb or edge of roadway


Common Code 363: Failure to park as close as practicable to edge of shoulder



Colorado Statute 42-4-1207 Opening and closing vehicle doors


Common Code: 916: Leaving door open into lane of traffic



Colorado Statute 42-4-1606 Duty to report accidents


Common Code 125: Failed to notify police of accident

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